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** designates an adult title

2600 5200 7800 Lynx
Asteroids   Basket brawl Batman Returns
A-Team   DigDug Battlezone 2000
Bachlorette Party**   Donkey Kong 3 Blue Lightning
Bacholer Party**   Galaga Robotron 2084
China Sydrome   Ikari Warriors  
Chuck Norris Superkicks   Planet Smashers  
Crackpots   Pole Position 2  
Custer's Revenge**      
Demon Attack      
Donald Duck's Speedboat      
Double Dragon   Robotron 2084  
Dukes of Hazzard   Scrapyard Dog  
Dumbo's Flying Circus      
Fast Food      
Frogger   Super Skateboardin'  
Frogger 2   Xenophobe  
G.I. Joe-Cobra Strike   Xevious  
Ghost Manor (1)      
Ghost Manor (2)      
He Man Masters of the Universe      
I Want My Mommy      
Ikari Warriors      
Pac Kong      
Pac Man      
Pac Space      
Pitfall 2      
Plaque attack      
Pole Position      
Q Bert      
Q Bert's Cubes      
River Raid      
River Raid 2      
Snoopy and the Red Baron      
Space Invaders      
Star Wars-Death Star Battle      
Star Wars-Empire Strikes Back      
Star Wars-Jedi Arena      
Star Wars-The Arcade Game      
Starpath Communist Mutants from Space      
Starpath Communist Mutants from Space (alt.)      
Starpath Frogger (official version  from Sega)      
Sword Quest-Earthworld      
Sword Quest-Fireworld      
Sword Quest-Waterworld      
Tetris 2600      
Texas Chainsaw Massacre      
This planet sucks      
Tron Deadly Discs      
Yar'z Revenge